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How to cook chicken hotpot all the same home

Updated: 08 Jun, 2019 lúc June 08, 2019
Raw materials for chicken hotpot
Chicken: 1 animal about 2 Kg
Shiitake mushroom, straw mushroom, fat mushroom, abalone mushroom, needle mushroom every 100 g
Head: 100 g, red onion, onion per 50 g each, bean scum
Spices: Seasoning powder, satay shrimp, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, salt, cooking oil, ginger, pepper, chili, minced garlic
Vegetable hotpot (can use spinach, spinach or vegetables)
How to cook chicken hotpot
Step 1: Cook broth
We will use the bone of chicken to cook sweet broth and do the following:

After cleaning chickens you choose parts of bones such as head, wings, legs, spine, then cut into small pieces and stir fry with a little spice and minced garlic onion

Add about 2 liters of water to cook as a broth. You do not need to use a pressure cooker to cook just cook in a normal pot for about 20 minutes.

Cách nấu lẩu gà cả nhà cùng thích

Step 2: Prepare a hotpot dish
Cut cut, clean mushrooms
Rinse vegetables and cut
The rest of the chicken is cut into pieces
Put it all on a disk, leaving it alone

Step 3: Complete the hot pot
How to cook chicken hotpot all the same home

Pot of broth, add seasoning powder, fish sauce, soup powder, salt and cooking oil to taste.

When eating, boil the hotpot then boil the chicken for about 20 minutes for ripe, followed by the mushroom, the hot pot dip to eat it to hot.

A few notes
If you want a better chicken pot, you can use the extra bone to make the soup sweet
Hotpot dishes when you eat you do not need to cook rice but eat with noodles very delicious.
If you want to add more nutritious food and sweet extra water, you can add duck flakes, then it will be delicious chicken soup and duck floss.
Above is the easiest way to cook chicken hotpot but equally attractive to make sure your whole family likes it. Wish you always cook delicious dishes to treat your family!