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Cập nhật: 13 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 13, 2019
Servings: 4-5 people


500 gr salmon head.
150 gr of sour bamboo shoots.
01 Barona Complete Seasoning Sauce package - Canh Chua.
Vi Xua premium fish sauce is 40 degrees.
Wash fish spices: 5 gr ginger, 5 gr salt, 20ml vinegar.
Seasoned fish: 10 gr red onion, 3 gr salt, 2 gr pepper.
Seasoning soup: 15 gr red onion, sugar, chili satay.
Braised vegetables, cilantro, banana, green onion, chilli.

Process materials:

-Wash salmon head with diluted saline mixture (with 5 gr ginger, 5 gr salt, 20ml vinegar) to deodorize fishy. Then rinse with water.

- Fish for 30 minutes with 10 gr onion, 3 gr salt, 2 gr pepper.

 Kết quả hình ảnh cho CANH MÄ‚NG CHUA ĐẦU CÁ Há»’I


-Step 1:

For cooking oil in a hot pan, add 15 gr of red onion to the aroma.

-Step 2:

Add 150 gr of sour bamboo shoots to stir fry, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of chili sauteed to stir fry.

-Step 3:

Add 700ml of water to stir-fried bamboo shoots, boil. Add 100gr of tomatoes, marinated fish.

-Step 4:

Add 1 pack of Barona Complete Seasoning Sauce - Canh Chua to cook for another 10 minutes.

-Step 5:

Add 50 gr banana, 10 gr grilled vegetables, 10 gr coriander, 10 gr green onions, 10 gr chilli cooked to boil again.

-Step 6:

Ladle soup in a bowl, served with hot rice.

Serve with Vi Xua premium fish sauce with 40 degrees to fish meat and vegetables.